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A subtle piece of improvisation, absurd clown, games and poetry.

A show where the clown meets the audience and finds within them his one love . To solve this situation he is helped by an improvised cupid, and togheter they bring to extreme levels of delirious laughter.

A show where the simple becomes Amazing!


CATEGORY : Clownery-Comedy

DURATION : 35 to 50 minutes (adaptable)

LANGUAGE : No text, visual


Street Show:

Minimum space required: 10m x 10m. Plain floor without stage.

Set up and sound check 15 minutes / Set down 15 minutes.

Sound system apt to the space, headset uhf and Ipod connection.

Light system for night shows.

Theatre Show:

Stage minimum 4m x 6m. Entrance on both sides on the stage.

Lights: ambar (general ) , 1 red, 1yellow, 1 blue, 1 follower white light.

Set up , lights and sound check 45 minutes / Set down 15 minutes.

Sound system, headset connection on soundboard and ipod connection on stage.

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